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Author: aaron
• Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Conversations with a two year old can be quite entertaining. Here are some tidbits:

Scene 1 – Mommy, in the kitchen fixing breakfast for herself while Joel eats his oatmeal in his high chair in the adjacent dining room

Joel: “I would like some juice please.”
(Mom hears him but is finishing up making her latte)
Joel: (a little bit louder) “I would like some juice Pleeeese!”
Mom: “OK”
Joel: (almost at the top of his lungs) “I would like some juice PLEEEESE with Alfie!!! Does ANYBODY WORK HERE!?”

Scene 2 – Mommy haphazardly trying to change Joel’s diaper as he squirms and kicks. Mommy is ├╝ber pregnant and feeling quite frazzled. Joel all the sudden settles down and looks into Mommy’s eyes

Joel: “Mommy, would you like to be organized?”

Scene 3 – As the baby gets bigger Mommy’s pregnancy shirts are getting shorter and shorter and now apparently too short to wear at all

Joel: “Momma, Your bellybutton is hangin’ out.”

Scene 4 – Twice a month Mommy and Joel go to MOPs and Joel has had quite a hard time going into the nursery. He kicks and screams and has major separation anxiety. For the last month he has been doing much better and stops crying and starts playing after Mommy leaves the room. Mommy always makes a big deal out of the fact that Joel had fun when she comes back to pick him up. As they walk out of the church together and down the steps he looks up at Mommy

Joel: “Mommy will say… ‘Did you have fun at MOPs?’”
Mom: “Did you have fun at MOPs?”
Joel: “Yeah.”
Joel: “Mommy will say… ‘See that’s not so bad.’”
Mom: “So you are listening to me!”

Scene 5 – Aunt Charissa, tucking Joel in and saying bedtime prayers with him

Charissa: “What would you like to thank Jesus for tonight?”
Joel: “Umm…Wii Fit.”

Scene 6 – Mommy and Joel are still reading Christmas Story and Santa Claus books even though Christmas is long over. Joel likes to role play pretending he is someone or something else. Here he is convinced that he is Baby Jesus

Joel: “I am Baby Jesus, and Mommy is Mary.”
Mom: “Then who is in Mommy’s belly?”
Joel: (pointing to Mommy’s belly) “The THREE WISE MEN!”
Joel: (pointing to Mommy’s breasts) “And the HORSES!”

Mom: “Where does Jesus live?”
Joel: “Beth-la-JAM!”

Mom: Do you know who’s birthday is on Christmas?
Joel: “Santa Claus!”

Mom: “Who did the shepherds go to see?”
Joel: “Charlie Brown”

Scene 7 – Joel playing with his Thomas the Train Helicopter ‘Harold’, hovering over Mommy’s belly

Mom: “Are you showing your baby brother your Harold the Helicopter?
Joel: “Yes” (sliding Harold across Mommy’s belly)
Mom: “Do you think your baby brother will like to play with Harold?”

Scene 8 – After putting Joel to bed Mommy hears a crash and then Joel shouts “OH NO!” Mommy rushes upstairs

Mom: “Honey, what happened?”
Joel: (with ridiculous fake sobbing) “Diesel FELL!”
Mom: “Ok, Mommy will get him, here you go.”
Joel: (stops sobbing and looks at Mommy with disbelief) “WHEW! WELL THAT WAS EASY.”

Scene 9 – Another too short pregnancy shirt worn around the house moment

Joel: (tugging the shirt over Mommy’s belly) “I will close the baby and the baby will go to sleep.”

Scene 10 – After Daddy shaved off a beard he wore for a several weeks

Dad: “Joel, What happened to Daddy’s face?”
Joel: “It is fixed!”
Joel: (rubbing Daddy’s freshly shorn head) “Your hair is soooo pretty!”

Scene 10.5 – After Mommy visited the Salon and paid a lot of money to get her hair cut & colored

Dad: “Ooh Joel, Look at Mommy and her pretty hair!”
Mom: “Hi Joel, Do you like my hair?”
Joel: (silence)
Mom: “Don’t you think it smells nice?”
Joel: (silence)
Dad: “Joel, isn’t it pretty?”
Joel: (looking away and very uninterested) “uh yeah”

Scene 11 – Another bedtime prayer moment

Mom: “What would you like to thank Jesus for tonight?’
Joel: “Ummm.. crackers and tractors, that’s all.”

Scene 12 – Since Joel’s Birthday he is convinced that any day can be his birthday

Joel: “It is my Birthday. We will have CAKE! With candles.. and I will BLOW THEM UP.”
Joel: “Mommy, I want to go downstairs and it will be my birthday, and I will have lots of gifts.”
Mom: “Honey, today is not your birthday. I’m sorry. We do not have gifts today.”
Joel: “Ummm, I will go downstairs just to check.”

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Author: aaron
• Saturday, February 14th, 2009

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Author: aaron
• Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

One thing that can truly be said about my family is we love our sleep! Neither Sarah nor I are morning people by any stretch of the imagination and Joel took to sleeping through the night at just 8 weeks of age (my sincere apologies to parents out there still hoping their 1 year olds sleep through the night). He sometimes protests against his afternoon nap time (we call that taking a no-nap) but typically we’ll head upstairs around 8pm, brush teeth and read a few books and it’s off to bed. Even if it takes him a little while to actually fall asleep, generally speaking he’s down for the night.

So last week around 11pm or so Sarah and I were up watching TV and this wail comes echoing down the stairs. It’s not a “I’m in pain” wail or a “panic” wail, just a saddened “something’s not right up here” kind of cry. I scurried up the stairs to get to the bottom of the anomalous behavior. Cracking open Joel’s bedroom door I softly asked, “Is everything OK honey?”

“No!” came the reply. He was standing up in the corner of his crib, facing the door, visibly distraught.
“Ohh… what’s wrong?” I asked.
“Daddy will get Alfie!” he insisted.

Surveying the situation I could see that Alfie had fallen through the crib rails and was stranded on the floor. Additionally, Pooh Bear had somehow ended up discarded amongst the books and blankets on Joel’s “big boy bed” (we haven’t actually tried sleeping him in the toddler bed yet, but the day is undoubtedly soon in coming).

“Oh I’m sorry honey.” I offered sympathetically. I lifted him out of his crib and cradled him against me for just a minute, his red little cheeks still damp with his anxiety. “Can Joel lay down on his pillow and Daddy will get Alfie and Pooh bear?” I suggested.


I laid him back down in the bed and scooped the pile of blankets back over him. Grabbing Alfie and Pooh, I returned his companions to his side. Joel tucked Pooh Bear under his arm and nestled down in to his pillow.

“I am all better.” he cooed.

As I shut the door behind me and crept back downstairs the thought came to me…

All better. Daddy made it all better. How wonderful and simple life was when all it took to make us feel better was the knowledge that someone was there who could always be called on to make everything right. What a profound and special gift my son has given me by letting me be that person for him… even more so because I know, unlike my young son, that this time will pass by us both so quickly.

I will not always get it right. There will be times when I’m impatient, absent, inattentive or just plain oblivious. But tonight, I’m content to have been able to make things all better, even if just this once.

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Author: aaron
• Tuesday, February 03rd, 2009

Holy buckets! Well that entire month just kinda got away from me. Sorry ’bout that.

Here’s the thing about January. It’s more or less a holiday month in my opinion. In fact, in the Bendickson household, the holiday season starts the week of Christmas and doesn’t let up until after Sarah’s birthday on January 24th. In those four weeks we have Christmas, Second Christmas (usually with whichever set of parents we didn’t see on Christmas), my birthday, New Year’s, Macworld Expo (yes it’s an official holiday), MLK day, and Sarah’s birthday. That typically leaves us with just enough time to come out of our starch/sugar coma and catch our breath before Valentine’s Day.

In other non holiday related news, we’re in the final few weeks of single-kid-dom here. Joel’s baby brother is gestating right on schedule and should be joining the rest of us out here in “red-pill” land ’round about the end of March. Joel seems excited about the prospect of being a big brother. As you can see here he’s already scheming away with his unborn sibling, plotting against us.

“Dude, there’s only two of them! We can take ‘em!”

Joel, Mommy & Baby

Joel, Mommy & Baby

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