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Author: aaron
• Friday, November 06th, 2009

Last night at the dinner table, my 3 year old told his first knock knock joke.

Joel: “Daddy, I want to tell you a joke”
Me: “OK”
Joel: “Knock, knock”
Me: “Who’s there?”
Joel: “Goat”
Me: “Goat who?”
Joel: “Goat to the door and find out!”

I just about fell off my chair. I dunno why it caught me as so funny, I mean it’s a cute joke but definitely not in the comedic genius category or anything. I think it was the idea that he, in his own little 3 year old way, was pulling one over on me. I hadn’t heard that particular joke before (or if I had I’d long since forgotten the punch line) so when he delivered, slightly bumbling and trying to remember exactly how it went I was at once surprised, proud and completely tickled. Brilliant!

Just wait ’till Uncle Sean comes over…

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Author: aaron
• Monday, November 02nd, 2009

I’m kinda sad that the holiday I remember as Halloween seems to be going by the wayside. Like most people my age I fondly recall tromping un-chapperoned as a child through the neighborhood on my annual candy quest. Apparently the world is different now and we had a grand total of 3 visitors on Halloween night at our house. However, we did join a whole grip of costumed kiddos earlier at the Greenwood Businesses “Safe Trick or Treat“. Joel had a great time playing the carnival games and by the end of the afternoon was confidently (if uncharacteristically) galloping up to the candy distributors along the route announcing, “It’s me! I’m Eeyore!”

We did have a few people comment about his little “sister” dressed up as Piglet.

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