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Author: aaron
• Friday, May 21st, 2010
Last weekend Sarah, her sisters & her mom all travelled to Portland for a little “Girl’s Getaway”. The corresponding event at home of course was “Boy’s Weekend” as I wrangled the 2 kids. Nap-times and bed-times were managed with relative ease and Isaac was even pretty gentle on me in the mornings (7am on morning, 6:20am the next). I found I rather enjoyed the window between when Isaac and I got up and when Joel was ready to start his day. He’d play, uninterrupted, with all of his brother’s toys while I sipped my morning coffee and perused the overnight news on my iPad. It was like a flippin’ Apple commercial I’m tellin’ ya.Fortunately for all of us, the weather was amazing and we were able to spend most of our weekend outside, which Isaac just LOVED! Everyone stayed fed and relatively clean, but I will confess there was more than one trip to Dick’s as well as a stop at the “Cupcake Store”. I figured, hey the ladies are all indulging themselves so we should feel free to do the same. Saturday afternoon found us at the Ballard Water Park and then that evening Uncle Sean & Aunt Kaci came over for a little BBQ. On Sunday Gpa Scott came up and hung out with the kids while I got out for a little Daddy time.

By the end of the weekend, I’d become aware of a couple things.

Firstly I’ve got an awesome extended family. I’m so grateful that my boys are connected to their aunts & uncles as well as their grandparents (and great grandparents). These people are a part of their lives, not simply far flung acquaintances.

Secondly, my kids are pretty darn fun. Oh sure, they’re stubborn, illogical, mind numbingly persistent and insufferable when they don’t get their way, but aren’t we all from time to time? As they get older I’m sure the our adventures together will get more grand but for now I’m content with tricycles, sandboxes & sidewalk chalk.

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Author: aaron
• Wednesday, May 05th, 2010
When Isaac arrived on the scene, his big brother was more or less nonplussed. He didn’t really freak out, but it was clear he wasn’t super hot on the idea either. There may have even been an occasion or two where he wanted “baby Isaac to go back in Mommy’s tummy.” (Yeah, that ain’t happening kid).As Isaac got older and more mobile Joel seemed somewhat more tolerant of him, that was until Isaac got it in his mind to play with one of Joel’s favorite (and by favorite I mean anything within visual range) toys, at which point the usual reaction was “NOOOOO BABY ISAAAAAC!!!” or something similar.

I suppose that’s pretty normal for an oldest child who’s had his or her world split open by the introduction of a sibling, however I have to admit I’ve been finding it a bit unnerving. The little voice in the back of my head starts chattering away, “What if they never get along?” “What if they never develop a positive relationship, and our family is marred by their rivalry forever?” “WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!?”

Happily there have been, in recent weeks, a few fleeting moments where the boys actually have been playing together and, as far as we can tell, enjoying it. I sure get a kick out of listening to them laugh (while remaining poised to intervene when the inevitable CRASH – BANG – WAAAAA starts).

I mean honestly… would you trust these two alone in a room for very long?

Me neither.

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