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Author: aaron
• Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I feel like I’m constantly beating myself up about how often (or not often I should say) I post. Whenever I sit down to start writing something I can almost hear myself thinking, “this isn’t really that interesting” or “this picture isn’t even very good” or “is this really worth writing about”?

The truth is, sometimes it’s not.

But then I remember that it’s not really about impressing someone (I don’t even know who) with my amazing writing or incredible photography. There’s plenty of both out there online, and I read & see a lot of it. What it’s really about is having the stories & photos to look back on a month, a year, even a decade from now.

I have an audio recording of me and my brother Jason talking when we were 5 & 2. There may be more, but this is the only one I have. Every time I hear that stuffy-nosed little voice of mine, or Jason’s chirpy A-B-Cs it makes me smile. It’s certainly no work of art, but to me it’s precious… and it’ll be even more precious over time as I can share it with my kids and tell them that little toddler voice they’re hearing is me.

Documenting this stage of our family’s life may seem trivial right now, but it’s a long term investment.

Remember that, self.

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