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Author: aaron
• Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Me: “Are you ready for lunch, Joel?”

Joel: “You mean Wolverine.”

Me: “Are you ready for lunch, Wolverine?”

Joel: “Yes. Oh and Dad, did you know I have CLAWS!?”

Some days he’s Wolverine, some days he’s Superman or Iron Man. Most of the time he’s Buzz Lightyear. The rest of our identities change too, when he’s Dash that means that I’m Mr. Incredible, Sarah is Elastigirl and Isaac is Jack Jack. When he’s Buzz Lightyear then I’m Woody and Sarah is Jessie. The changes can come mid day, sometimes even mid sentence and the only clue you get is the fact that he’s now addressing you as a new character. His make-believe world is all encompassing. The bike trailer in the garage is his Space Ship which has crash landed on the bed and needs to be repaired. His trike is his Bat Cycle. His boots have rockets and his gloves have lasers.

Remember when you still believed we could be heroes, just for one day? I do.

Thanks Wolverine.

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