Author: aaron
• Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Four years ago we first met Joel, and nothing’s been the same since.

He is talkative, imaginative, playful, sensitive, tenacious, intense, cuddly and finicky all at the same time. His favorite thing these days is playing make believe. He’s a superhero or a transformer or a cartoon character or Lord knows what else. His least favorite thing is probably dinner. He loves cupcakes & cheeseburgers, broccoli & cucumbers, but hates chicken or mac & cheese. He still sleeps with his best friend Pooh.

Happy Birthday Joel.

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Author: aaron
• Monday, September 13th, 2010

Today was Joel’s first day of preschool, well actually his second first day of preschool. We started him last year, but because his birthday is in late September he ended up in the Pre-3 class and only went once a week. This year he’ll be going twice a week and be in the 3s and 4s class.

We nearly didn’t get him there in time today because we all slept in. Poor Isaac has been teething pretty seriously the last few days and was sporting a fever of 101 which resulted in poor Sarah getting up every hour with him. All of us were drifting in and out of sleep when the little guy finally perked up his head in a “OK, now I’m ready to start the day” fashion at 8:15, and school starts at 9! Of course Joel was sleeping like a champ (as usual) so I went in to wake him. I pulled the sheets back, opened the blinds and told him to get up and get ready for school. Wouldn’t you know it, I checked on him 2 minutes later and he had pulled the sheet back over his head like he’s a 16 year old or something!

In the end everyone got dressed, fed and out the door on time. I’m only hoping that his teachers weren’t too confused/annoyed by his constant identity changes. I’m Luke Skywalker! I’m Buzz Lightyear! I’m Andy (also from Toy Story)! Dude, I think at school you’re just gonna have to settle for being Joel. At least for a few hours.


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Author: aaron
• Thursday, September 09th, 2010

Isaac is all or nothing.

He’s bubbling over with smiles, laughter and giddiness or he’s furious and devastated. He’s happily splashing, soaked from head to toe, in a public fountain one second and the next he’s raging against his mother and me as we try to dry him off, change his clothes, and get back to the car before someone calls CPS. He beams merrily as he chucks his sippy cup full of water across the table, squealing with joy. But a firm “no” will cause him to bury his face in his hands and wail dramatically. It’s full steam ahead or full reverse.

Emotions are pretty big things when you’re so little.

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Author: aaron
• Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Me: “Are you ready for lunch, Joel?”

Joel: “You mean Wolverine.”

Me: “Are you ready for lunch, Wolverine?”

Joel: “Yes. Oh and Dad, did you know I have CLAWS!?”

Some days he’s Wolverine, some days he’s Superman or Iron Man. Most of the time he’s Buzz Lightyear. The rest of our identities change too, when he’s Dash that means that I’m Mr. Incredible, Sarah is Elastigirl and Isaac is Jack Jack. When he’s Buzz Lightyear then I’m Woody and Sarah is Jessie. The changes can come mid day, sometimes even mid sentence and the only clue you get is the fact that he’s now addressing you as a new character. His make-believe world is all encompassing. The bike trailer in the garage is his Space Ship which has crash landed on the bed and needs to be repaired. His trike is his Bat Cycle. His boots have rockets and his gloves have lasers.

Remember when you still believed we could be heroes, just for one day? I do.

Thanks Wolverine.

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