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Author: aaron
• Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Conversations with a two year old can be quite entertaining. Here are some tidbits:

Scene 1 – Mommy, in the kitchen fixing breakfast for herself while Joel eats his oatmeal in his high chair in the adjacent dining room

Joel: “I would like some juice please.”
(Mom hears him but is finishing up making her latte)
Joel: (a little bit louder) “I would like some juice Pleeeese!”
Mom: “OK”
Joel: (almost at the top of his lungs) “I would like some juice PLEEEESE with Alfie!!! Does ANYBODY WORK HERE!?”

Scene 2 – Mommy haphazardly trying to change Joel’s diaper as he squirms and kicks. Mommy is ├╝ber pregnant and feeling quite frazzled. Joel all the sudden settles down and looks into Mommy’s eyes

Joel: “Mommy, would you like to be organized?”

Scene 3 – As the baby gets bigger Mommy’s pregnancy shirts are getting shorter and shorter and now apparently too short to wear at all

Joel: “Momma, Your bellybutton is hangin’ out.”

Scene 4 – Twice a month Mommy and Joel go to MOPs and Joel has had quite a hard time going into the nursery. He kicks and screams and has major separation anxiety. For the last month he has been doing much better and stops crying and starts playing after Mommy leaves the room. Mommy always makes a big deal out of the fact that Joel had fun when she comes back to pick him up. As they walk out of the church together and down the steps he looks up at Mommy

Joel: “Mommy will say… ‘Did you have fun at MOPs?’”
Mom: “Did you have fun at MOPs?”
Joel: “Yeah.”
Joel: “Mommy will say… ‘See that’s not so bad.’”
Mom: “So you are listening to me!”

Scene 5 – Aunt Charissa, tucking Joel in and saying bedtime prayers with him

Charissa: “What would you like to thank Jesus for tonight?”
Joel: “Umm…Wii Fit.”

Scene 6 – Mommy and Joel are still reading Christmas Story and Santa Claus books even though Christmas is long over. Joel likes to role play pretending he is someone or something else. Here he is convinced that he is Baby Jesus

Joel: “I am Baby Jesus, and Mommy is Mary.”
Mom: “Then who is in Mommy’s belly?”
Joel: (pointing to Mommy’s belly) “The THREE WISE MEN!”
Joel: (pointing to Mommy’s breasts) “And the HORSES!”

Mom: “Where does Jesus live?”
Joel: “Beth-la-JAM!”

Mom: Do you know who’s birthday is on Christmas?
Joel: “Santa Claus!”

Mom: “Who did the shepherds go to see?”
Joel: “Charlie Brown”

Scene 7 – Joel playing with his Thomas the Train Helicopter ‘Harold’, hovering over Mommy’s belly

Mom: “Are you showing your baby brother your Harold the Helicopter?
Joel: “Yes” (sliding Harold across Mommy’s belly)
Mom: “Do you think your baby brother will like to play with Harold?”

Scene 8 – After putting Joel to bed Mommy hears a crash and then Joel shouts “OH NO!” Mommy rushes upstairs

Mom: “Honey, what happened?”
Joel: (with ridiculous fake sobbing) “Diesel FELL!”
Mom: “Ok, Mommy will get him, here you go.”
Joel: (stops sobbing and looks at Mommy with disbelief) “WHEW! WELL THAT WAS EASY.”

Scene 9 – Another too short pregnancy shirt worn around the house moment

Joel: (tugging the shirt over Mommy’s belly) “I will close the baby and the baby will go to sleep.”

Scene 10 – After Daddy shaved off a beard he wore for a several weeks

Dad: “Joel, What happened to Daddy’s face?”
Joel: “It is fixed!”
Joel: (rubbing Daddy’s freshly shorn head) “Your hair is soooo pretty!”

Scene 10.5 – After Mommy visited the Salon and paid a lot of money to get her hair cut & colored

Dad: “Ooh Joel, Look at Mommy and her pretty hair!”
Mom: “Hi Joel, Do you like my hair?”
Joel: (silence)
Mom: “Don’t you think it smells nice?”
Joel: (silence)
Dad: “Joel, isn’t it pretty?”
Joel: (looking away and very uninterested) “uh yeah”

Scene 11 – Another bedtime prayer moment

Mom: “What would you like to thank Jesus for tonight?’
Joel: “Ummm.. crackers and tractors, that’s all.”

Scene 12 – Since Joel’s Birthday he is convinced that any day can be his birthday

Joel: “It is my Birthday. We will have CAKE! With candles.. and I will BLOW THEM UP.”
Joel: “Mommy, I want to go downstairs and it will be my birthday, and I will have lots of gifts.”
Mom: “Honey, today is not your birthday. I’m sorry. We do not have gifts today.”
Joel: “Ummm, I will go downstairs just to check.”

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Author: aaron
• Monday, November 24th, 2008

We’re starting to talk with Joel more about his little brother. While on one hand he seems to like the idea of having a baby around (he pretends that his Pooh bear is a baby and will rock it and kiss it) the whole idea of sharing Mommy and Daddy with another permanent addition to the family has been met with slightly less enthusiasm.┬áHere’s a little excerpt from our conversation this morning:

Me: Joel, do you think there will be enough room for mommy & daddy AND Joel AND the baby in mommy & daddy’s bed?
Joel: Um… no…
Me: Should mommy and daddy get a bigger bed?
Joel: (shaking his head) No!
Me: Joel, when your baby brother comes will we be able to SHARE mommy and daddy with the baby?
Joel: (more emphatically) NO!

I don’t know how fair some of these questions are for him, since the reality of having a little brother is probably still slightly outside of his realm of comprehension, but it is telling. Having another one changes the game for everyone. I’ve really enjoyed these last couple years of learning what it’s like to be a parent and Joel has been a great teacher. It’s hard to know what life will be like with another one around… and yet like my Mom would always say, “You can’t imagine loving another one as much as you love the first… but then the second one comes and there’s just more love. You don’t love the first one any less, there’s just more.”

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