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Author: aaron
• Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Dear Family & Friends,

Go Go Gadget Christmas Letter! What, you mean that didn’t work? OK, well I suppose I’ll sit down and write one. Here we go. 2010, in 500 words or less…

Life as a family with two young children can be a blur. In fact I remember my own mother telling me that she doesn’t have many memories between the time that my brother Sean was born and when we all were finally in school. Our days are quite FULL. Sometimes you can’t remember if you’re playing “Hiding Kitty” or “Wrestling Doggy” or whatever other game has just been invented on the spot. My hat goes off to my amazing wife who continues to stay home with a couple of endlessly energetic, imaginative and demanding boys.

Speaking of my wife, sometime around December of last year she decided she was a runner. One thing I’ve learned about my wife in the last eight years is once she decides something then you’d better WATCH OUT! She went from casually jogging around Greenlake to an organized 5k on Valentines Day to a half marathon in Tacoma in May. And as if running wasn’t quite interesting enough she figured biking and open water swimming might be fun too, so she participated in the Danskin Triathlon in August. Finally in October, in The City of Roses (aka Portland), Sarah ran her first marathon. Twenty six point two miles ladies and gentlemen! And let me also point out that it was pouring down rain for at least twenty five of those miles.

I’m still working my day job as DER SERVER MEISTER of The Omni Group. Seriously, it’s a pretty great gig. I get to help some really smart people create awesome products that I honestly believe are exceptional. Also, the fact that it takes less time to bike to work than it does to drive thru traffic doesn’t hurt. When I’m not wrangling servers I can be found cycling, playing pinball, or riling my boys into a cacophonous frenzy exactly five minutes before bedtime.

Joel and Isaac are amazing. Joel talks and plays and talks and runs and talks some more. The kid has no sense of shame or personal space and is quite determined that it’s his duty to inform every single person at Trader Joe’s that he is “Buzz Lightyear and look at my cool LASER!” Isaac is expressive and emotional in every non-verbal way possible. His frantic laugh is pure delight, but his disappointed scowl will break your heart. He has a tender spirit and loves his doll like it’s his own little baby.

We continue to enjoy living in Ballard (or Crown Hill, depending on who you ask) which is the perfect mix of neighborhood-y familiarity and grown-up city attitude. The only thing that could make it better would be having our family closer. Hope you all are surrounded by those you love this Christmas!

Peace on Earth,

The Bendicksons

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Author: aaron
• Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I’m not typically the type to make grand New Year’s resolutions or anything like that. Maybe because I know myself too well and the inevitable result of setting myself a specific measurable goal is me being afraid I won’t be able to achieve it and so therefore not really try thereby justifying my failure by saying “well, I didn’t REALLY try that hard”. Dumb huh?

Not this year.

This year was interesting for me because I did just that. I set myself just one specific goal and set about the task of getting there. It was to ride the High Pass Challenge, a very strenuous ambitious bike ride this past September. The act of setting and attaining that simple goal this year reminded me of the fact that I do have a say in how to to go about this whole life thing, so next year I’m setting some more.

- Learn to play steel guitar. That’s right, good old school country gospel twangy pedal steel.
- Author at least one iPhone or Mac application. I work at a flipping software development company for crying out loud, time to move past scripting and unix hackery onto something more elegant.
- Lose these last 10 pounds. I already dropped 30 this summer while training for the bike ride, but I’ve picked up 5 or 6 again in the last couple months.
- Find a church home. This is an aspect of our family’s spiritual and social life that is sorely absent.
- Take my wife on an extended getaway, somewhere new and fun. At least 4 days.

Things to do more of:
- Writing, both music and otherwise (blogging, letters, etc).
- Projects at home, like paining, home improvement stuff. I’m way more capable of that stuff than I give myself credit for and it always feels good to have it done.
- Traveling, both with and without the kids.

Things to do less of:
- Drinking & eating junk food. Not talking about an absolute ban here, but definitely need to get this back into balance.
- Watching TV, waste of time.
- Twitter / Facebook / RSS reading, basically all forms of digital ADD. It’s a time-suck and also impedes my ability to focus.
- Making excuses for not starting things.

All things considered 2009 was a really great year. I’m looking forward to the 2010’s (or whatever the heck this next decade is supposed to be called). I hope it is a blessed one for y’all!

PS> Just for fun I poked around in my old photo box (before the advent of digital cameras & iPhoto) and found this picture of me and my brother Jason at a “Dress Like The Future” party from New Year’s Eve, 1999.

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Author: aaron
• Thursday, December 24th, 2009

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Author: aaron
• Monday, December 07th, 2009

It’s been cold here recently, cold enough in fact to force me off the bike for my daily commute. However, despite the chill and the torrential rain we had throughout November, there’s not a flake of snow to be seen. I’m still holding out hope for some semblance of a white Christmas but I doubt we’ll have much and almost certainly it’ll be nothing like last year!

Also, going thru these pictures I came across this video of Joel reading. It doesn’t seem like he changes that much from day to day anymore, but looking back it’s pretty remarkable (insert some “they grow up so fast” platitude here). I think he was fighting a cold or was all stuffed up from being outside or something. The result is even that much more adorable.

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